How to become our distributor - printer friendly

How to become our distributor


Requirements, Advantages

No requirments, no advantages except agent will be listed on our www as an agent.

Official distributor


  • Initial order
    New distributor must make an initial order of (at least) our most sold items for his own storage.
    Initial order is expected to be $10000~$20000 for LEDs, $5000~$10000 for LED products and $5000~$10000 for peltier modules. Distributor can distribute all or any of these 3 main categories.
    Here is approximate list of necessary initial order. Which market size for us your country is - we will let you know.
  • Minimum order
    Min. order for a distributor is US$ 2000 per order and all items must be ordered in quantities of standard packagings (for example if LED has standard packaging 250pcs distributor can not order 1800pcs must order 2000pcs).
  • Good english command. We need to communicate efficiently with our distributors, so we require good written english command

Advantages of beeing our distributor

  • Distributors discount
    Distributor gets additional 10% discount. For example distributor orders $5000 in basic prices which is $3700 after normal discount minus 10% dist. discount = distributor pays $3330 only
  • Flow of customers from us
    • Our distributors are listed on our www
    • As minimum order for countries where we have a distributor is $199, any customer asking for smaller orders will be sent to our distributor. And lot of customers even with larger orders still prefer to order from distributor from their country.
    • Free online advertisement on Google and Yahoo targeted to distributors country
    • We help our distributors to buy anything else in China, any components, we know lot of companies
  • Free consulting
    Our engineers will give you free advices for your customers, tailor made products etc.
  • No contract required